Lets face it, even though we have a strict quality control on the parts and test before being shipped, there are occasional hiccups. We know the frustration in returns that many companies face whether its a return or an exchange. We honor 6 Month Warranty! For more info go to “RETURNS/EXCHANGES/RMA

Merchandise must meet a set of criteria in order to qualify for 6 Month warranty. This includes items that are deemed defective, items that gradually incur defects over a period of time, items that have been subject to manufacturing failures, along with everyday damage, wear and tear. The 6 Month warranty excludes a number of other sources of damage, including negligent product use(ie LCD Damage, Ripped Flex), natural disasters, or damage caused by liquid exposure.

Our items all have a special stamp on each individual product. Please don’t wipe/remove it as it will void your warranty with us. If you have a question or concern to conclude if a product is ours, please send us an email with pictures so we can authentic if the product is ours.

Our staff is ready to prepare your products after your order has been confirmed via online sale. Orders placed before 12 PM EST will ship Same Day, Otherwise, it will ship the next business day.If some products are on backorder, must check “Est. Restock Date” to know exactly shipping date. For more info go to Shipping Method

Yes, we do. However, we must determine that the quality is upto par with our quality also. In this business, we are in it for the long haul. Our most important factor in our business is our quality. We will not compromise on quality versus cheaper quality but better pricing. We vigorously check and inspect each product before it reaches our customers hand as we know installing a product and not working properly is a time wasted for another potential sale and loss of a customer doing business with us again.

Yes, you can add credit to your account using different credit cards by going on  My Credit / Add Credit . The credited balance will be available at the time of checkout. You will not be available to add several credit cards at time of checkout, only works by adding credit to your account.

If a product shows as in backorder it means that there is no sufficient stock available to fulfill your order at the moment and it will be shipped once received. You have two options. A – You can complete the order with your desired quantities without making any changes and the order will ship all together once all product is back in stock. B – You can lower the quantities on your cart so there is no items in backorder and does not cause any delays on shipment. None of our orders are shipped partially, all orders ship when all stock is available.

If you received an order and you notice there is product missing, please contact our team in Support desk . Please make sure to detail the description and quantity of the product you are missing so our team can better help you.

Once you have received your order, you can check it at MY ACCOUNT: MY ORDERS / PRODUCT RETURN / RMA there you will find your orders and invoices. You will also see a RMA REQUEST tab along with our RMA Policy in the right corner. You will be able to select the items you want to be analyzed by out technicians or return, you can choose the quantity on the next step. Submit your RMA request and print a copy to add to the shipment. RMA must be send to our contact adress here. We’ll contact you with RMA analysys fro our technical department.

Once your order is ready you’ll receive an email with all the detailed information. Check the status of your order by choosing My Orders in your Account Dashboard.

Return your defective repair parts and receive a credit on your account equal to the lowest price that product was sold for in the last 100 days. Store credit can be used to purchase any product in our store. Once your return has been processed, we will immediately credit your account. Store credit will be automatically applied and immediately available for use.